Today i will be starting with the second sprint for Tech Inertia and this time around i will try my best to not repeat my mistakes from last time. Specifically i tried to blog on too many topic in last two weeks and ended up not completing even half of them.

In this sprint i will be blogging on 3 new topic and 2 from previous sprint. And by the way i will be publishing 1-2 blogs each week on monday. It is better to create a queue and publish consistently than pushing out a random approach. I am not sure of if this is the right strategy but i am willing to experiment on this.

Task List For Version 1.1

  1. Blog - How To Setup Your Blogging Site For Rs.355/Month
  2. Blog - How did I setup Version 1 for
  3. Blog - Website Hacks For 10X Faster Loading and 100% Uptime
  4. Blog - Task tracking
  5. Blog - The One Thing You Should Do Before Starting Any New Project
  6. Collect feedback from 10 known & 10 unknown people - Not Started
  7. Update Logo on Website
  8. Setup Nginx
  9. Setup a email account
  10. Mail Chimp Setup
  11. Update Ghost
  12. Twitter & Facebook Profile Updated
  13. Zapier/Buffer Integration for New Blogs to Twitter & Facebook
Tech Inertia Version 1.1 Task List on asana

Let the work begin. As from last time i will be updating the status of work after two weeks on this tasks.

See you here in two weeks.