What is TechInertia?

Tech Inertia aims to be the source of learning practical knowledge acquired by working in industry for anyone interested to learn. I am constantly striving to improve the information about industry standards and know hows through my own experience and research based facts.

How did TechInertia Start?

A fine morning in 2017 i read a striking article "95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs: study". My first reaction was that cant be true, thats a lot of engineers. Yes a lot of freshers lack the practical experience needed in any software development jobs but the lack of skills with early stage developers seemed like a huge problem for me. Tech Inertia is platform where i share my experience and research for everyone to learn from and help reduce this gap one topic at a time.

Our Values

  • Do what you love.
  • Learning material for right individuals to implement.
  • Reduce the ratio of non skilled to skilled individuals.

Our Team

Nilesh Bhosale


Hi, I am Nilesh Bhosale, i specialize in developing backend systems for software applications. I have worked with startups in mumbai region to create product market fit and scaling.

Where do i start?

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Contact Me

You can reach me at nilesh@techinertia.com